Letter: Is furore Labour milking ‘faux pas’ by Cummings?

A reader believes Labour are milking Dominic Cumming's mistake to the max.

Dominic Cummings
Dominic Cummings

Cathy Newman clearly hasn’t had Covid or she would not be asking stupid questions and looking so sour in her interview with Dominic Cummings.

We’ve seen it all before, when Nigel Farage was the fall guy and subjected to all the juvenile fury the left could hurl at him. No doubt the person who “thinks” he saw Mr Cummings a second time is a Labour activist. They seem to pop up everywhere these days, with all their narrow meanness and hidden agenda and quite shocking that the BBC took on five of them as a five-man panel for their Panorama programme on the Government’s handling of the coronavirus catastrophe.

There are a great many things the Conservative party can be called out on; there is absolutely no reason to be making up anything else, and wouldn’t it be nice if politicians on both sides could sometimes give credit where it is due to the opposing party and wouldn’t it be even nicer if they could all be honest with each other, instead of constantly manipulating facts to suit their own purpose?

Labour clearly see Dominic Cumming’s faux pas as a God-given gift to be milked to the max. Tory politicians are running scared and responding in the same way they did over Daniel Kawczynski’s “unforgivable” trip to Rome, and it is good to see he is willing to stand up and be counted on this issue too. Will the self-righteous left demand he too apologise, trying as usual to take the moral high ground, but proving yet again, just how immature they actually are?

The problem now is that the new Labour leader is a lawyer and we all know how disingenuous lawyers can be; they do, after all, have to very often defend the indefensible and they are past masters at making persuasive speeches, often in an understated way, which makes them all the more believable.

Keir Starmer’s hype is just that; don’t be misled by it. Time will tell how sincere he actually is.

Will Knott, Shrewsbury

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