LETTER: We must be proud of our NHS

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A reader shares their pride in the NHS.

We should be proud of the NHS.

The NHS gets so much negative press, but believe me the NHS is the best. Yes it's got huge problems with funding, lack of beds, etc. but when you need care and you are in trouble the NHS steps up to the plate with remarkable courage, professionalism, care and yes love. At the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital the staff are outstanding and the people of Shropshire should be so proud of what we have got.

My story started on the 11 December 2019 when I had what turned out to be a massive accident in my own back garden at night and I could have lost my life that night but somehow I found the strength to drag myself into the house, nobody knows to this day how but I did. Then the long road had to begin, I had completely wrecked my left ankle.

As soon as the ambulance crew arrived I got the best of care. I was rushed under blue lights to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital to be greeted by a fantastic team of doctors and surgeons and was rushed into theatre, the next I recall was waking up on Ward 22 Orthopaedics.

I needed every personal care but nothing was beyond the staff and nothing they would not do to help. What followed was seven weeks in hospital as infection set into the foot and other health problems caused more trouble for me, but at no point did the staff stop caring for me. I had five visits into the operating theatre to save my foot.

I would like to thank every one in that hospital for what they have done for me, especially all the staff on Ward 22, from the surgical team, doctors, the wonderful nurses that looked after me for so long with so much love, and to all the staff of the hospital thank you.

I came home on the 28 January, I spent Christmas and the New Year in hospital but came home with my left foot. It's a long road ahead and with other health issues an uncertain future, but I know the care and love I will get on the next road of my health care will be outstanding.

So please be proud of what we have got the Royal Shrewsbury hospital is fantastic an incredible assist to this county and the staff are incredible and one day you might just need them.

Paul Dearden, Oswestry


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