LETTER: Change in attitude will be needed after pandemic recedes

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Are we as a nation preparing ourselves for what might follow post Covid-19?

How then should we live? Can we assume that the patterns in our everyday life will remain the same? Should we be beginning to think what sort of adjustments we need to think about in preparation for this?

I would suggest that the scale and proportions of these issues that we will be facing will be even greater than the change which we are experiencing at the present time.

Being rather trivial, I liken our current situation to Alice in Wonderland when she fell down the rabbit hole and had to adjust to all the new experiences of life. It is then, simply a question of adjustments which we will have to make, that cause so many problems.

Jesus explained this issue in another and more vivid way. No one puts new wine into old wineskins, or sews an old cloth onto a new piece of material, otherwise the wine will burst the new wineskin and the tension in the two fabrics will pull them apart. So you must either keep the old material with the unpatched cloth and unfermented wine in new wineskins to preserve them, or radically change your outlook.

This perspective is what the Pharisees and their form of religious ideology, would not tolerate and accept. Their view of religion was an external matter, which was recognised by religious performances, duties, works etc. it had, they believed, the approval of God. Sadly they were all mistaken in all their efforts. There were many places in the gospel where Jesus showed them the faults in their understanding, but the penny they used was so tightly wedged in, that it could not move.

A good example was in Jesus’s discussion with Nicodemus, a Pharisee, who could not understand what Jesus meant about being “born again”.

I think that we find this dilemma has a contemporary and cautionary note about it, especially if our sinful and daring defiance against God persists, and we are unwilling to change our attitudes and beliefs concerning Him.

Tony Hersee, Bayston Hill

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