Letter: We should thank NHS and its staff for all they do

Amongst all the combined advice of the world’s scientific and medical experts the simple and overwhelming solution to suppressing the current virus is to practice basic hygiene.

Nothing that hasn’t been know for a long time and which, in a fully-staffed and funded and even more so, properly managed health service, would have prevented or reduced the current outbreak. Bring back the matron!

A person in total control of the cleanliness and clinical excellence of the hospital and with the responsibility and respect of all, staff and the public. No more having to walk through plumes of smoker’s pollution the moment you reach the exit. Why doesn’t the hospital smell of disinfectant anymore? And why do we have so many people wandering around. More cottage hospitals like the excellent Whitchurch Hospital and local doctor’s surgeries actually doing minor surgery, and bumps and grazes, and educating the public not to overload and abuse the accident and emergency departments with minor ailments.

Finally, as an example of a retrograde changes, I can remember when the Royal Salop Infirmary had many of the so called old fashioned but effective management practices we could do with keeping. A matron, an adjacent nurse’s home, the use and smell of disinfectant, gleaming walls, wooden floors and brass and copper finger plates, door handles and light switches, all of which are antimicrobial and the respect for the staff and the service we seem to have forgotten.

Once the current virus is under control we should all thank the NHS and its staff for everything they do.

Graham Lewis, Shrewsbury

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