Letter: How dare they keep trying to spread alarm

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I cannot believe the fuss being made about coronavirus. The way the politicians are acting now is nothing short of disgraceful.

I suppose they are all too young to have been told that 18 million people died from Spanish flu in 1919.

In 1957-8 between one and four million died from Asian flu, which also originated in China. I remember that well because most of my school went down with it and I was one of them. However, in those days we didn’t panic people or close schools; we just got on with life.

If the quite deliberate panic which is being generated by our politicians today had been broadcast during the war, they would all, quite rightly, have been accused of sedition and lowering of morale and shot.

How dare they and all newspapers keep trying to spread alarm in our population over a disease from which almost everyone recovers? At the time of writing this we have only had around 50 cases in the UK which is nothing in comparison to the number of people who get flu every year.

I find it incredible that people are so gullible nowadays. When I was young, no one in authority ever tried to frighten the population. Shame on them all.

Jill Byron, Bishop's Castle

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