Letter: UK should impose sanctions in light of shocking acts

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I am once again shocked at the latest Israeli killing of Palestinians. Why is the UK government still supporting Israel and not clearly condemning the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) using such excessive force?

Protesters burn images of US President Donald Trump and sraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the West Bank city of Ramallah (Nasser Shiyoukhi/AP)

They killed three Palestinians and wounded eight others in less than 24 hours on February 6 in Jenin and Hebron, in the West Bank, of whom two were shot and killed during an IOF raid into Jenin to demolish a prisoner’s house for a second time.

This is part of the Israeli policy of collective punishment employed against families of Palestinians accused of carrying out attacks against Israeli soldiers and/or settlers and is completely illegal under international law. Meanwhile, a third Palestinian was killed by an Israeli sniper in a protest in Hebron.

The killings, woundings, house demolitions, and detention of children continues all over the West Bank and East Jerusalem on top of the closures, theft of land and water resources and continual harassment that makes life unbearable for Palestinians.

The UK should stop trading with Israel and treating it as if it is a normal state until it respects the rights of Palestinians, stops the siege of Gaza and genuinely seeks peace by leaving all the illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank and finally allowing the Palestinians to set up their own State, as was promised so many years ago.

Angie Zelter, Knighton

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