Letter: Hike in council tax is a joke because services are poor

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What a fine start to the year. I refer to the totally unacceptable and very feeble excuse by Shrewsbury councillors, to raise yet again our council tax, with the ability to pay not even entering their heads.

We have the worst service on record for road maintenance which is a disgrace.

The excuse is we do not have the money for repairs and yet they still wish to proceed with a new unnecessary road costing millions, this at a time when they cannot maintain the roads we already have, is utter madness.

We have untreated weeds out of control on our paths and gutters preventing rain water getting away.

Council owned trees not pruned overhanging a footpath. Reported but nothing done. I in fact pruned the tree and disposed of the trimmings. We are paying more and more for an extremely poor service which is totally unacceptable.

Have a rethink councillors if you wish to put your own money into this very debatable subject then by all means do so, but stop demanding more from the overstretched public.

F W D King, Shrewsbury

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