Letter: Never forget the Holocaust horror

Thank you for your excellent article about the Holocaust. You are right that we must remember these events, much as we may hate what happened.


The time is close when there will be nobody left alive who still remembers them. It is difficult to believe that civilised people like Germans and their allies could behave in the atrocious way they did. We must tell younger generations about it to prevent any recurrence.

The BBC is also to be congratulated on their excellent programme about Bergen Belsen extermination camp. May I remind you that the Shropshires, (KSLI), were the first troops there at the liberation and ask that you will do another reminder in April to mark that anniversary. I often wonder if there’s anyone left alive, as I am, who actually saw the Holocaust at its end?

One word of criticism though; there never seems any mention of the people, other than Jews, who were tortured and murdered by Nazis. There were many thousands of gypsies, Russians, homosexuals, disabled people, communists and opponents of Nazism; they too deserve to be remembered. This should not be at the expense of the Jewish people’s remembrance of course.

Peace and happiness to all.

George Evans, Wellington

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