The many reasons for Labour’s loss in the election

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The fallout from the election will continue for some time. It is interesting to hear the left-leaning broadcast media and the newspapers scramble to explain why Labour lost.

Jeremy Corbyn

Firstly, why should we listen to them when they were so wrong about the far left Labour Party?

Of course the failure by MPs to respect the EU Referendum vote was a big factor but you can add to this the very sensible view that voters realised Labour’s spending plans did not add up and would bankrupt the country.

Add to this that the ordinary voters outside the so-clever elite bubble did not like the anti- Jewish racism. Once again British voters reject extremist politics. This was very much linked to Corbyn.

Finally, I think that Labour have concentrated on so-called identity politics, appealing to a section of society and basically taking for granted the traditional voters who over generations had returned Labour MPs.

This is encapsulated in the failure of Labour politicians to ask questions about and condemn the grooming gangs that have so damaged community relationships.

Indeed when brave female Labour MPs like Sarah Champion in Rotherham have spoken out, they have been sacked and attacked.

John Stretton, Albrighton

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