In my opinion our Prime Minister is a complete fake

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In my opinion, Boris Johnson is a fake, from his carefully prepared dishevelled look, to his pseudo-political career. He was educated at Eton, then went on to Oxford.

Boris Johnson

They still talk of his performance during the Oxford Society debate on the death penalty, changing his supporting view halfway through.

One tutor claims he didn’t come to learn. Another states he was asleep during a lecture.

Boris Johnson would have made sure this would have been noticed by tutors and students.

All part of his carefully prepared persona. He is a careerist and opportunist, drifting into any career that presented itself.

First as a journalist. He was fired, apparently for fabricating an article, then lying about it. Lying is a characteristic feature of Boris Johnson.

Ever the opportunist and careerist, when the election for Mayor of London was announced he successfully stood as the Tory candidate. His tenure there was to become the cornerstone of his pseudo-political career. At the present time his role of Mayor of London is under investigation.

He then went on to mainstream politics becoming a Tory Member of Parliament. He was offered a post by Michael Howard, who was then Tory Leader in Opposition. He was sacked for lying about an affair, that apparently resulted in a “love child”.


He was a leading player in the Brexit referendum, where his buffoonery and persistent lying won the day. Theresa May, then Prime Minister, offered him the position of Foreign Secretary. This was a disaster, resulting in a British National being held in Iran and further imprisonment.

The anger from both sides of the House of Commons was hostile, becoming more toxic on him being elected Prime Minister.

Despite his way of thinking towards women, many of his supporters are women. In this age of sex equality, feminism, sexism and the “Me Too” campaign this surprises me.

Since Boris Johnson became Prime Minister the anger towards him is becoming more toxic. Rather than serve under him, many respected and long-serving members are standing down or standing as an independent.


More concerning is the action taken by those who are closest to him, his family. His father thinks he is misunderstood. His sister has condemned his toxic and hostile language.

But the most telling is the reaction taken by his brother on Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister. Rather than carrying on as Education Minister he resigned. Why?

We may get the answer to that question whenever he writes his memoirs.

Tony Coxon, Shrewsbury

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