They do not care about the people, that much is clear

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Dr Graham Tate of Shrewsbury is a clear example of a ‘sucked’ in Remainer. He implies, but does not precisely state that the EU is behind the last 70 years of peace in Europe.

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He does not even mention the real peace maker, NATO, or the fact that many of the EU member states are also NATO members and have failed to adequately honour their membership liabilities!

Dr Tate tells us that the EU has been an ‘overwhelming' success story economically. He, just like the EU Commission, fails to remind us of the parlous economic plight of EU member states; Spain, Portugal and Greece etc. Nor does he explain why such a successful economy has failed for at least 20 years to produce acceptable annual accounts, the obvious reason being the fact that at least 10 per cent of every EU budget is unaccounted for – every year!

The EU does not do democracy! Its elected politicians do not make the law – this is the exclusive competence of the unelected Commission. They decide what is to be law and the politicians, who, like us, cannot amend or refuse those laws, back stamp the decision and carry on collecting their generous allowances!

You must have realised by now that the majority of British politicians in Westminster have chosen the European version of democracy over ours and why they, along with the Brussels elite do not care about the electorate!

Bob Wydell, Oswestry

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