Who would you rather govern?

This is an open letter to all voters in the coming election. Democracy, Parliament and future generations are at stake.

We have a Parliamentary constitution; people stand before the crowd and say ‘elect me and I will do the following…’ They align themselves with people of similar ‘objectives’ called parties. If you, the electorate don’t like their performance, every five years you can kick them out. Sometimes Parliament, faced with a momentous decision, declares a referendum; a vote across all parties where the people tell Parliament what to do, all parties!

Three and a half years after ‘Leave the EU’ was the command issued by you, the people, Parliament has not acted. In fact it has done its utmost to block the order. In the clouds of ifs and buts and fake news, threats and innuendos, one party has openly challenged your right to choose. The Liberal Democrats have said; ‘You people who elected us have said, with over a million majority, Leave the EU’. We the Liberal ‘Undemocrats’ say, ‘No we won’t’ and to make sure we never have to follow electoral orders on this subject again we will scrap referenda. You will do as we say and with a suitable band of split, dysfunctional and unrepresentative representation from other parties, change the laws we don’t like; whatever the majority of you may think.

Parliament has ganged together to thwart you, the people who elected them. They regard themselves as your masters, not servants and have spent a great deal of time, money (yours), and effort in trying to bully and frighten you into accepting a ‘fine phrase to follow’ without needing the small print. They have taken control of our media, so these thoughts are issues more as a mental protest than with any hope they will be given to the majority, you to consider.

Wind farms, high speed rail, fracking and many more no-hopers have been pushed into our lives by the cartels and you will pay the costs, they will take the profits. Only one cause in recent years has had sincerity behind it and that is Brexit. You may lose some if you ‘leave’ or gain some if you don’t, but what do you want to be governed by, a kick out after five years group who you can replace, or an unelected group of foreign neighbours?

Norman Harris, Powys

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