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It’s happened again, a fire in flats that involves cladding; not the same brand.

Flooding in the North of England

Flooding affects whole communities and yet homes are being built on flood plains, raising the pressure on the land and reducing the size that used to soak up water. Plus the fact that trees are removed in order to be able to build. These trees used to hold the land and soak up much of the water. Those trees, especially willows would do a great job and add to oxygen levels, reducing the silting up of the watercourse.

Many watercourses and ditches are no longer maintained reducing the flow of water and leaving less depth to contain it.

Transport is again affected by the floods, and apart from the physical damage, there is also the immediate and prolonged distress to those who are affected now, and for those dreading it happening, for the first time, to them, while others have to continue to try to live, once again in homes still under threat. Congratulations and thanks go to all who supported those affected and continue to do so.

We could all help if we put people first. It will undoubtedly affect councils, businesses and Parliament as improvements (real improvements) that will be fit for purpose are put in place to improve living standards for all affected, or likely to be affected.

Too little, too late is said and done too frequently. Safety before costly projects that are of benefit to those most in need.

B Flowers, Shrewsbury

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