Ironic Boris calls Corbyn a Stalinist

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How ironic that the current incumbent at Number 10, one Alexander Boris dePeffel Johnson, should accuse Jeremy Corbyn of being a Stalinist!

Boris Johnson

You should always be careful with what you say as it could come back to haunt you. The Tory party are not releasing details of the investigation into Russian interference in our elections. Why’s that then?

They have been given clearance to do so. Could it be that what comes out could be disadvantageous to their chances at the election? Interesting also that it transpires that seven of the Tory Party’s major donors are Russian millionaires.

Of course Putin wants an idiot in the White House, he got that. He wants an idiot in Number 10, he’s got that – at the moment.

He wants a weakened Europe and a weakened Britain, if the Brexiteers get their way he’ll have that.

It doesn’t take much working out really, does it?

Tim Wasdell, Shifnal

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