Still no sign of new doctors despite all of those promises

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We should all be very concerned, like medical clinicians in the NHS, despite the Conservative party assuring everybody that every year since David Cameron was elected Prime Minister that they would put on more doctors into the NHS.

This promise was carried on each year by Theresa May while she was Prime Minister but there are no sign of extra doctors.

It is quite apparent to everyone that there is no sign of any extra doctors and in fact the situation is far worse now than it was before David Cameron’s Government was elected.

This matter was not helped by Michael Gove when he was Education Minister who in his infinite wisdom, and with the full backing of Conservative competence, instructed universities that they must cut some of their health sector courses because they were not needed.

Telford and Shropshire deserve two fully functioning district general hospitals to meet the needs of the people.

We live in the largest inland county in Great Britain and with a population that should be able to support two hospitals.

We are still suffering from austerity and we have a serious problem with clinicians in the Telford and Shropshire area, with GP practices closing or amalgamating with other practices on a regular basis, leaving patients with either no GP practices or having to travel considerable distance to find another one if then that practice can take them.

The only answer is for the Government to properly fund the needs of the NHS not just put a little bit of finance back in to make for some of the cuts that they have made over the last 10 years.

Robert Murray, Telford

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