You don’t need to be religious to have morality

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I am happy that R Roberts finds me amazing; I make no such claims myself but am happy to clear up the big question he poses.

If not under the surveillance of his god, why don’t I just go around doing whatever I want?

I do. Just so happens that I don’t need the threat of eternal punishment to make me moral, as he does.

As a highly evolved primate I am a social animal. Evolution has programmed me to co-operate and empathise with my fellow humans and share their pain and pleasure and I don’t even have to spend time thinking about it.

Animals that co-operate have a greater chance of survival than the lone wolf. Is a morality contingent on the promise of heaven or the threat of hell any sort of morality at all?

On the flip side, how much immoral behaviour and misery is caused by religious teaching?

Misogyny is the greatest blight on humanity; endorsed by the religious patriarchy for thousands of years it has denied women control of their own bodies and given men licence to treat women as property, subject to men in all things according to god who man conveniently created in his own image, as you may remember.

That is why I care; and what amazes me is that religion still has a hold on so many people.

All it takes is for you to pick up your Bible, read a couple of pages and say to yourself. “You know what? This all sounds a bit silly.”


Ron Collins, Dawley

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