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Our Prime Minister is working under enormous pressure to loyally support the democratic decision of the people of this country, who overwhelmingly voted in an open referendum to leave the European Union.

Sadly, he is being thwarted by the cowardice, bullying, and coercion exhibited by the many vocal traitors who hide under the authority of being an MP – or those in other influential positions – who seek to destroy this country, taking power from the people.

Make no mistake, we are being led like lambs to the slaughter, guided by many disloyal MPs, the biased media and the barrage of EU propaganda fed to our schools and universities.

Political correctness has killed free speech, our way of life is under attack, our family values destroyed and British traits ridiculed or made to look harmful.

The UK indigenous population is being treated like second-class citizens. This was always the aim of the EU, who years ago showed the UK on a map as one of its ‘regions’.

The majority decision to leave the EU in a referendum was clearly the people’s choice in 2016.

Why would anyone wish to change that democratic decision?

There was life before the EU which was quite happy and content. There is no problem dealing with European countries; so why do we have to pay a fortune to be ruled and destroyed by this expensive and destructive dictatorship?

I suspect it is to push us towards the New World Order . . . the utopian way of life that already exists in the Ten Commandments. The difference is that the Commandments do not need wealthy dictators to enforce them.


The threat is great and fast growing – the people have the power to fight back through the ballot box, while they still can.

Brian Seymour, Kynnersley

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