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I’m very old now but this backstop problem does not seem to be going away.

My working life was as a fully qualified metallurgist which had problems sometimes that sitting down and analysing what was known and what was needed resulted usually in an idea to sort out the problem.

This backstop aspect, with due respect, has been subject to this searching, bearing in mind the laws of the two countries have to be sacrosanct.

So, what we have is everything concerning driving is common to UK, Northern Ireland, and of course the Republic of Ireland.

The only difference I believe is Ireland uses the metric speedometer version and of course the rest above use mph.

Ireland does I believe have a very good commercial customer relationship in the UK, it’s in their interests to keep that aspect going; so, how to do it? Very simply you paint the roads where they are crossed to go from Ireland into NI and UK countries, so the only problem is how to monitor all this without having a customs point.

My solution uses number plate recognition cameras which “SEE” the special number plates needed on the front and rear of commercial vehicles. (Private cars etc should not be needed to be checked as they would have to obey the traffic laws of the country involved.)

The checking cameras would automatically send the information both to the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland, naturally new registrations information should automatically be sent to NI and Ireland.

The number plates would be additional to the registered number plate; I would suggest green plates with yellow letters and numbers for the Irish Republic, and white plates with red numbers etc for Northern Ireland and UK commercial vehicles. These registrations would be done by the usual licensing authorities in the respective countries.


Crossing the line to enter say the Irish Republic means that EU law prevails and for Northern Ireland and UK; British laws apply.

It would be possible to use the same system for say the EU as a whole, maybe with a multicoloured plate so lorries from Europe would be subject to the same conditions.

For that to happen perhaps the cameras should send the details automatically to the EU as well.

Tear it apart or make sensible suggestions but just don’t dismiss it as I am convinced this should work.


Please pass it on to Mr Boris Johnson and let’s hope the final exit from Europe is on the 31st.

Ken Norton, Shawbury Heath

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