Chain of existence grows ever shorter

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A 19th century poet insisted that man does not own the earth, and is not entitled to do whatever he likes with it.

Environmental campaigner Greta Thunberg’s glare as she laid eyes on Donald Trump at a climate change summit in New York went viral

Instead, he must treat it as a responsible steward for his own sake and that of other species which also have a right to exist.

Young people are blamed for a lot of things, usually for just being young. They’re bringing the focus of attention to our damaged planet like no other generation has done before.

If the planet were a patient it would be in intensive care and heading towards life support.

I don’t think our world leaders left to their own devices would ever take the necessary steps to bring down climate change, time is running out, and events may overtake their puny efforts to tackle the problem. Man can have all the trappings of wealth; big houses, best holidays, but when the planet loses all its trappings of health and wealth, then man will be reduced to no more than a beggar on the street.

This planet is not just for the rich or privileged, but for everyone that draws breath and all should enjoy the inheritance bestowed upon them.

Our planet is like a long chain where every species depends on one another, and if species are lost and a link is broken, the chain will become shorter each time.

Nature sets its own rules and man will ignore these at his peril.

E W Stanworth, Monkmoor

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