Most grumbles are down to our EU link

Robert Monro’s letter to the editor (September 17), begins well by labelling both Leavers and Remainers to be honest and intelligent people then ruins it at the end by ‘illustrating the depths of ignorance of an obvious local yokel who had never been to another country but still thought that Britain was much nicer than anywhere else!’.

It is a shame that the Remainers are all totally devoid of any national pride.

I also question the intelligence of Mr Monro who cannot recognise any aspect of our lives which have been negatively affected by 43 years of membership of the most disastrous ‘union’ we have ever joined.

Let me help you sir. My first ‘negative aspect’ would be our very first trillion pounds national debt followed by food banks in every town, illegal immigration we are incapable of controlling, dangerous free re-location to any member state by any member with no checks on physical, mental or criminal records.

Our coal, steel and ship building, and car industry went to the wall with the EUs new law – no subsidising your core industries, we stopped and they died, odd that those same industries in Europe manage to survive and even bought out some of ours.

Our army, navy and air force are all a shadow of their former self and strength, our roads have a million pot-holes we cannot afford to fill our NHS is being robbed dry by private industries and our railways the worst in all Europe. All negative aspects.

Bob Wydell, Oswestry

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