Climate change is the issue we must address

A bright future? We need to listen to knowledgeable people such as Sir David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg who quote sound scientific facts rather than being taken in by political hype.

Greta Thunberg
Greta Thunberg

So much easier to call unpalatable facts scaremongering, rather than resolving to do something positive. Planting trees and safeguarding those we have is just one step in the right direction. However, this Government is already 300 per cent effort behind our tree planting target, while Scotland has a vigorous ongoing programme and Wales is following suit.

Just how many trees could have been planted in this country if the £4 billion Johnson is using to promote Brexit was diverted? Not to mention needed investment in wind and solar power.

Turning their back on the unimaginable world disaster of the impending results of climate change, this Government have done nothing better than to team up with Trump and his rejection policy, one of which is the cutting down of their forests to frack for cheaper oil, then to export their liquid petroleum to fuel our huge plastics factory.

The productivity there is increasing year on year, notwithstanding that the whole world is drowning in the stuff. Great for providing extra profit for shareholders, but hammering another large nail into the future of our beautiful planet and those of us living on it.

Putting the ‘Great’ back into Britain does not come about by separation and putting our heads in the sand, but by co-operation, hard work and accepting a lowering of our present day high living conditions.

The threat facing us now is far greater and we need to wake up to it in time!

Mrs Margaret Harris, Bayston Hill

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