I will abide by result

A recent headline on the front page of the Star sums up the current Brexit impasse, "Britain at War."

Of course the headline was referring to 11am on 3/9/1939 when Prime Minister Chamberlain made that resigned mournful radio announcement that the UK, its Empire and Commonwealth were again at war with Germany.

But here we find ourselves is a situation where the country is at war with itself because certain parts of the establishment cannot come to terms with a democratic vote to leave the EU in 2016.

As I write, an election could be on the cards, which if the result is not to the Remainers liking then no doubt we will immediately have another election until we get the "right result."

The idea of a Corbyn "led" government feels me with horror having endured the Labour government of 1974 to 1979 and seen how loopy Labour got in opposition under Michael (I'm leaning so far left I've grazed my shoulder) Foot.

Do we really want Len McCluskey in No. 10 using Corbyn as a foot rest? Diane Abbott as Home Secretary trying to remember her telephone number? I think there are two reasons why she got the job and one of those is because she is a woman. John (Eat The "Rich") McDonnell spreading the Country's wealth to those who least deserve it.

But if the country votes in a Labour government "under" Corbyn, then so be it. I will not like it, but I will abide by the democratic result and not be calling for another election.

Peter Steggles, Rushbury

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