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Prime Minister Boris Johnson certainly ruffled a few feathers on his return from the G7 summit.

Mr Johnson has taken a different approach to Mrs May in 2016 when she failed three times to get her deal through Parliament. Pro-Remainer MPs did her no favour and did their utmost to stop Brexit, together with the EU, who totally humiliated her. Unfortunately Mrs May’s heart was never in leaving the EU. The new PM Boris Johnson asked the Queen for the right to suspend Parliament. The Queen agreed to this request.

We are now seeing the worst in some people, the pro-Remainer MPs and a few more who cannot believe they have been out-manoeuvred. It is nothing to do with a ‘no deal’ they just don’t want to leave the EU.

Jeremy Corbyn is now calling for activists Momentum to shut down Britain’s biggest cities; this is the man who wants to get into No.10. John Major and Ken Clarke are both trying to get into the limelight and cannot believe they have been out-manoeuvred by Boris Johnson, and are now trying their utmost to stop the Prime Minister from doing what the 17.4 million people democratically voted for in 2016. The Speaker of the Commons John Bercow is completely biased against the Conservative Government, how does this man get away with this?

An ex-Labour MP is calling for the Monarchy to be abolished and calling on people to take to the streets and is warning of riots. Who are these people?

We now have a foreign MEP asking British people why we are scared of having a people’s vote. Who do these people think they are? Is it that they are worried about how much money they will be losing when Britain leaves their beloved EU or that they just cannot do without the ‘good old UK’?

Jackie Lewis, Pattingham

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