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I am delighted and amazed at the reports in the media recently, that Jeremy Corbyn is volunteering to take over as Prime Minister ‘when’ Boris Johnson loses the vote of no confidence being planned by remainer MPs - and presumably others.

Shadow chief whip Nick Brown, shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Kier Starmer, shadow leader of the House of Commons Valerie Vaz, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and shadow chancellor John McDonnell, prior to meeting with senior MPs from across all parties to discuss stopping a no-deal Brexit

Allegedly he would only be Prime Minister for a ‘short time’ while he organised a general election and people’s vote (another name for a second Referendum), to decide whether or not the decision to leave the EU (made by the people on 23 June 2016) should be changed.

Obviously Mr Corbyn wishes, like those MPs who are die hard remainers, to stay in the EU. Or maybe Mr Corbyn realises that would be the only chance he ever has of occupying 10 Downing Street?

That, let’s face it could be nearer the truth than he, or his supporters, would ever admit! Perhaps this explains his lies that he respects the people’s decision three years ago and now shows that like all his dishonourable lying friends in Parliament, that he never intended that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland would leave the EU institution.

He has worked hard covertly or overtly, to deny the people’s will and decision.

If remainer MPs hadn’t fillibustered and voted against every proposal from the Government we would not now be looking at a ‘No Deal Brexit’ that they’ve plotted(?) to be the only ‘deal’ left on the table.

As I’ve said recently on these pages, and many times in the past, our MPs are elected by us to serve us.

They are not in Parliament to serve themselves and please themselves, but as our representatives doing our collective will. Maybe I’ve got it wrong but they’re supposed to serve their electorate. Not themselves.

In the event of a General Election, we, The People, can always ‘deselect’ them as our representatives and elect someone else in their place. These people are playing with fire and run the risk of getting themselves burnt.


Will they PLEASE stop messing about with our Parliament and do as the people required of them with the vote of three years ago and get on with our departure from the corrupt establishment called the EU.

Will these people stop their obfustication of the people and get on with our departure?

We’re sick and fed up with their falsehoods and despite their best efforts at preventing our leaving the EU, most of us still want to leave.

The people were offered two choices, leave or remain. The people decided to leave. Grow up and accept it.


M Gough, South Staffordshire

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