Tackle problem of crime at its source

A few years ago it was decided that the police force was overstaffed and it would not affect its efficiency to cut it by 20,000 officers.

Due to concerns over rising crime Johnson has now pledged to increase the number by, surprise surprise, 20,000 and to have built more prisons with more cells to accommodate all those extra prisoners that will be caught.

We already have the highest rate of imprisonment in the whole of western Europe, perhaps he should visit those countries and learn how they handle things.

If you offer a hungry person a sandwich they will take it, criminal gangs know this and offer disadvantaged young people money to snare them. We live in a deeply divided country where a handful of people own as much wealth as the rest of us.

If only those people would share a little of their wealth with the communities around, they could make a huge difference. Youth clubs could be funded. Many have been closed across the country through lack of funding. Projects could be set up such as sports centres, to help young people to feel part of society, rather than excluded from it.

The problem needs to tackled at the source, not when it reaches court. I think Johnson and a few others should live for a week in a deprived area and have to live on benefits. That may just put them in touch with reality.

I suppose I am overlooking something. I forgot that in a few weeks time we will be living in Utopia! Pigs might fly, so be sure to have your umbrella with you when you go out!

Terry Hillier, Shrewsbury

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