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Being a little old fashioned, I have lived in the United Kingdom, the British Isles, England for many years, but have plenty of experience of other countries.

I am not allowed to live in England on formal declarations, but most recently feel even more English as the UK no longer exists as far as I am concerned. Each country is fighting for itself.

Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have their own voices to shout for them. England does not. Historically, I know our islands were autonomous and seemed to thrive.

Our parts seem to wish to be free of the UK Parliament. We don’t even have our own ‘house’ to speak for England. Would it help us? In one way I’m sure it would, but in reality, if we look within each authority, there is a conflict of interest that divides communities. The conflict seems to be so profound that co-operation and collaboration seem to be impossible.

With this profound disagreement between groups, how can we co-operate and take ourselves forward using our many skills to become a fantastic, thriving, British Isles, or better still, United Kingdom again?

We are, if not by a dictionary definition, at a crisis point as we go towards October 31.

Unless we act together from North to South, East to West, and put aside that which divides us and strengthen that which can and should unite us.

Brenda Flowers, Newport

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