Tired of being told that I voted wrong

It has been said recently that younger people worry more about leaving the EU, than the Brexit scenario itself.

It has been well documented that both leavers and remainers have been strangers to the truth about a good many things, concerning what to expect when we leave a house full of self serving MPs in charge of negotiations.

What really annoys me as a leaver, is being told almost daily that I, as an older member of the electorate, got it wrong. To add insult to injury, I am also informed that I am ruining the future of all younger generations by voting the way in which I chose to. In this country there are people, a good many of them youngsters, of whom a great many voted to leave, and also those who don’t choose to vote when presented with a good opportunity to do so.

I am also aware of the fact that the press and media also base their accusations against the older generations by questioning a good many schoolchildren, who are not yet of an age where they are able to vote.

Some say that the voting age should be reduced from 18 to 16. I don’t agree, as they have no experience of life to make a balanced judgement. They are generally more interested in being out enjoying themselves with their mates. The last thing that the majority of these youngsters happen to be, is concerned with politics.

Martin Eddies, Shrewsbury

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