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The correspondent Tim Wasdell writing in the Shropshire Star July 20, like so many is under the impression that the EU is the be all and end of all of our very existence.

Just in one respect only, the EU of 27 countries is dwarfed by the Commonwealth of 54 countries. The EU’s populace of 450 million is insignificant compared to the 2.5 billion citizens in the Commonwealth.

Then there is the rest of the world of 170 countries with their five billion people.

Where does Tim get the idea from that the EU will not need to export their £345 billions in trade to the UK, 54 per cent of their exports. We export £289bn to the EU, just 46 per cent of our total exports, the EU is not as big a trading market as Tim would have us to believe.

It is regrettable that he should describe Nigel Farage in the way he did, this is almost tantamount to libel and is totally unnecessary, Farage along with the Democratic majority will no doubt be “jolly” happy when we have finally left this completely undemocratic and horrendously expensive folly. Something I have always said affords the UK no benefits.

Just look around this wonderful United Kingdom with all its glorious history, its fantastic scenery and ask yourself how much longer do we have to suffer the injustices as a result of too long being neglected, ignored and taken for granted by the EU? Not too long now I hope.

It is time that the EU were told in no uncertain terms that they need to be made aware that they depend on the UK more than the UK depends on it, and it is up to our new PM Boris Johnson to tell them so and not waste time negotiating because they seem to be under the impression that they hold the upper hand, it is simply not so. Without our billions of pounds they are going to struggle and my sympathies are with those Europeans who will struggle as a consequence of this folly.

Peter Harman, Newport

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