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I found myself being, unusually, on the side of a Tory MP, when Tom Tugendhat was set against the Brexit Party ‘chair’, Richard Tice, to discuss the latest disgrace of our crumbling democratic process.

Tice suggested that ‘a business man’, a bit like him, perhaps, might make a good ambassador to the US at the same time as demonstrated a woeful ignorance of what Her Majesty’s Ambassador is supposed to do for us, which is, as Mr Tugendhat explained, is to represent our country’s best interests.

When deciding what those might be, our Government needs accurate information not flattering, but false, sycophancy.

The outrage is that opportunists such as Tice can be treated as serious politicians by the media. He claims to be chair of a party which, having the constitution of a limited company, is no such thing being a totally non-democratic arrangement.

The chair of my local parish council is elected by the local people, but who elected Tice, or Farage for that matter? There is something very dodgy about the tiny membership of the Tory party effectively electing our next Prime Minister, unless we are very careful it might be the shareholders of ‘Brexit Party Limited’ next time!

John Higson, Craven Arms

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