Billions paid out, nothing in return

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What do we now own?

For those people who worry about job losses after Brexit, like the Labour MP Pat McFadden claiming it in the Shropshire Star, May 18, they need to be reminded that unemployment in the UK is now the lowest since 1971, it stands at 3.9 per cent compared to the EU’s 6.5 per cent.

The United Kingdom is doing well in this respect despite the EU.

So many once-British companies are no longer owned by the US.

David Mellor, speaking on BBC news (May 24), stated the CBI is worried about a No Deal Brexit only because so many companies are not now owned by the UK.

The following is probably only a small number of companies no longer owned by the UK: British Steel, SSE and Scottish Power, E.ON and Npower, EDF, Bentley, and Rolls-Royce, Lotus, Jaguar Land Rover, BMC (MG), Vauxhall, and Aston Martin. Much of our rail network is owned by Holland, Japan and Germany.

Of the 23 water companies in the UK, 12 have been sold out of the UK. There are almost certainly a great many more once-British companies that can be added.

I believe that those once-UK assets should not have been sold as they belonged to the British people and were only sold to pay the exorbitant cost of EU membership.

Regrettably most of the above sales were sanctioned by MPs of all parties and should any of these foreign owners reduce the UK workforce then it is those same MPs who will be responsible for any job losses. Their failure to govern effectively, while letting the EU have free rein over our affairs, is to their shame.


And no wonder that so many wish to remain in the EU, these MPs now lack the ability to govern.

It just seems to my mind that there are too many people who just do not know or care about what has happened to our country, After 40 years in the EU what do we have to show for it? Billions paid out and nothing to show in return!

Peter Harman, Tibberton

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