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I read Mr Stanworth’s letter (Star mail, July 4) with a mixture of amusement, incredulity and bewilderment. I don’t think I’ve come across such a mish mosh of misconceptions and downright tripe for a long time.

However, let’s see if I can sort the wheat from the chaff. The people with ‘plummy’ voices were going to public schools and universities long before we joined the EU, so are you inferring these people availed themselves of a higher education because of the EU or despite the EU?

Incidentally, what has a person’s plummy accent got to do with anything? Would it be more acceptable to you if they all went round saying ‘Ay up lad, we’re leaving t’EU tha’ knowst, all reet?”

You mentioned invoking Article 50. This happened three years ago, which is why we’re still faffing about. I presume you meant ‘revoke’?

Mrs May’s ‘deal’ is nothing short of a total capitulation, so your last ‘remain in Europe’ point amounts to the same thing!

The EU doesn’t do ‘deals’, it’s in effect a Soviet Politburo, so if you think we’d get an incentive to stay in you are delusional.

What your reference to Obama’s ‘back of the queue’ statement is intended to establish beats me – perhaps you missed the fact the USA have got a new President!

‘America and China are more interested in dealing with Europe’ you assert, by which you mean the EU, I presume (because they are not the same thing at all). Where are your facts?

Finally, if we leave without a deal we trade on WTO terms which are legally binding by all parties.


I’m pretty sure the EU won’t stop trading with us, as we have a deficit with them in that regard.

They don’t want us to leave as our contribution to the EU gravy train is vital to the continuation of the money pit, and that’s apart from political individuals who are doing very nicely and wish to maintain the status quo. No wonder they are all fighting tooth and nail to sink Brexit.

One thing that you and others of your ilk fail to consider is our loss of sovereignty, something we fought a world war to keep, but obviously all the bloodshed counts for nothing!

We’ve had our referendum, over a million voted to leave, so why can’t you accept that and get on with it!


W I Huxley, Reabrook

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