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Am I the only person who feels that women’s rights and protections are being rolled backwards?

Media and people’s reaction to recent incidents of violence towards women are as shocking as I can remember.

How do men treat women in 2019? Let’s face up to it, we could all do a lot better to stop violence against women.

It does not matter how important a man thinks he is, how rich, how big and strong, how charismatic, or how drunk, just stop treating women in a threatening, aggressive or violent way.

Real men do not intimidate or use violence against women.

Let’s be upfront about violence of all kinds, physical or psychological, against women, it’s not easy to discuss. There are many more good men than bad but, let’s be open about this huge problem.

There simply has to be another way for men to behave and relate to women without fear, destructive behaviours, uncontrolled anger and violence.

Men have to step up to higher standards of self awareness and respect for others and everyone must not delay in reporting any incidents of perceived violence against women.

Stop violence against women. We must not allow hard-won women’s rights and protections, health and safety to be rolled back or lost in 2019.


Doug James, West Midlands

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