Where are our Christian values?

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Great Britain built a vast empire, not only for exploration, but also to spread Christianity as far as possible around the world.

As a result, many colonies and nations became Christians. Our Christian ethics brought many cultures together, living in peace and friendship.

For many years we were known as a compassionate nation, welcoming refugees in their time of need. Many refugees integrated into society and used whatever skills they had for the benefit of all.

Some became doctors and nurses, saving lives in the NHS. Others became athletes, sportsmen and women, winning gold medals on behalf of the UK. Others became great footballers, cricketers and boxers, each one of them doing their best for Great Britain. Others joined the police and the armed forces.

I believe that immigrants often enrich our culture. In recent years we have chosen to turn away refugees and immigrants in their hour of need. We are now in the process of turning our back on our nearest neighbour. Churches are empty or in serious decline. Without Christian values we cannot claim to be a Christian country.

Where are our Christian values now? They have been trampled into dust, by people with hatred and evil in their hearts. Yet I wonder how many of those hypocrites who oppose immigration and want to leave the EU, frequently enjoy the amazing cuisine from Europe and the Orient brought to us through immigration?

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