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I feel I must comment on two letters on your Saturday page – New PM Should Halt the Cheque and Poll Was a Second Vote.

In the first instance I think Theresa May was brought to tears by the lack of support and never ending back stabbing from her own cabinet. The last knife being drawn by Andrea (I would make a good PM because I am a mother) Leadsom.

I am no lover of May but to give her due she has integrity, which is a quality I don’t see in the motley crew who are clamouring to take her place.

Quite what vegan sausage rolls have to do with the issue I’m not sure but bearing in mind science tells us that eating less meat will reduce the carbon emissions that are threatening the planet I think they are a good idea.

Because we still belong to the EU we are still paying money in BUT we are still getting benefits e.g. recently an amount has been given to the Llandau Trust to work with young people who are not in employment, education on training in Shropshire. All these benefits will be lost.

The poll was not a second vote to leave or remain in the EU, it was an election of MEPs because we are still a member.

The 2016 EU referendum was called by David Cameron (wicked man) to protect his own political backside from the extreme right wing of the Tory party. The result was a small minority to leave. I must stress small.

In the recent election of MEPs, Brexit, the party with no policies and ex-reality show candidates e.g. Ann Widdecome, she who when in office stated that it was fine for women prisoners to give birth chained to the bed. Obviously she has never given birth, unlike Andrea Leadsom, gained the largest number of MEPs.

However, if you add together the votes for outright remain parties and the fact that it is impossible to know how many Labour or Tory voters were Leave or Remain, the margin once again is very small and possibly does not exist.


The petition for a People’s Vote has gained more signatures than those who voted for the Brexit Party. In 2016 the Leave Campaign was based on lies – 350 million for the NHS, Turkey is joining the EU.

The UK had suffered from years of austerity and this has continued. In her unsuccessful 2017 General Election, Theresa was televised stating “there is no magic money tree’”and days later bunged the DUP one billion. I wonder will she get her money back as they haven’t been much use to her.

We see our swimming pools and libraries closing, our bus services being cut and adult social services on its knees in spite of our council tax increasing. Nevertheless we can still find in the region of 18m to protect Donald Trump as he visits to do his dodgy trade deals with the UK.

Wake up people, you’re being had and I’m so angry my grandchildren’s future is being threatened.


Sara Walls, Minsterely

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