Children need to be involved, it is their future that will be affected

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Mr Kerswell complains about schoolchildren going on strike about climate change. I don’t think nature recognises political or religious agendas.

Young climate change protesters. (Kirsty O’Connor/PA)

He says they have been radicalised by communism. I think it is a good thing that children are involved and thinking more about the weather patterns which will affect their futures for the next 60 or 70 years.

Nature is only doing what it requires to do to cleanse itself of man-made emissions from power stations, cars, aeroplanes, etc.

Everyone born is guilty of damaging the fragile wafer thin planet on which we live. As Macron said there is no Planet B. It is quite often said when there is a financial crisis that we are all in it together, not quite true, as those with the most clout can ride out the storm far better.

We have all these meetings about climate change, but very little comes of them. If things carry on, more flooding, more fires, hurricane forces we have never seen the like of before, we will definitely be in it altogether. The polar bear has little more ice to stand on that what’s on a Fox’s glacier mint.

Mr Trump never believes in anything which is going to cost him or his country money. But he might find that dealing with the North Korean leader might be a stroll in the park compared to climate change challenges which lie ahead.

Drastic conditions will require drastic measures. No leaders or political parties seem to take climate changes seriously (it could cost them the next election).

If world leaders don’t take drastic measures to bring down emission changes very soon, the forces of nature, will unleash upon us some of the most damaging weather ever witnessed by mankind. Mr Kerswell wouldn’t recognise rising sea levels even if water was lapping around the drinkers in the Bottle & Glass.

E W Stanworth, Shrewsbury

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