EU to blame for our cramped prison cells

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The BBC, on January 12, stated the prison population in the UK increased from 40,000 in the 1990s to the present 80,000 today.

Just one more downside to our being in a union that has been robbing us, I could say blind, but quite openly of billions of pounds.

This money would be better used to address the problems that cause so many to offend, often because too many have no alternative, being denied access either to employment or benefits.

Two articles in the Shropshire Star on January put criminality into context. An offence committed in July 2017 will only come to court in July this year.

The second article stated Wales and then England have the highest number of offenders per 100,000 people, the highest in Western Europe.

This is hardly surprising when you consider that for the EU to have the same population density as the UK they could take in 860 million more people.

One more sad aspect of our time in the failed union is to see an increase in winter deaths rise from 25,400 at the time of my last letter on this tragedy published 7/2/2012, to 34,000 in 2016/2017, according to Countryfile recently.

We simply cannot afford as a country to allow such atrocities to continue.

Just a thought, perhaps those advocating we stay in this exorbitant failure that is the EU would like to offer their solutions to make up the shortfall because the EU is not the least bit concerned or interested in our problems. What puzzles me the most is the Remainers’ total lack of concern over the problems faced by this once independent country whilst it has been dragged down and down by the EU.


Peter Harman, Tibberton

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