Aliens might eat us all in the future

Will Knott’s letter (January 25) brings to our attention the terrible damage done to our planet by the wilful consumption of the many creatures who share it with us.

Lambs on the menu? It might be us next.
Lambs on the menu? It might be us next.

The hypocrisy of some astounds me when they can happily take small children to see lambs being born then go home and have roast lamb for dinner! We need to raise awareness that eating any kind of flesh – be it animal, fish or bird – is not essential to maintain good health.

Quite the reverse, in fact. It’s astonishing that people eat crocodile, ostrich and deer. So-called animal lovers are selective with their compassion. They would not dream of eating a dog or a cat yet if you lived in India you wouldn’t eat a cow.

Personally, I never eat anything that’s had a face.

In the great scheme of things we are of no greater significance than a grain of sand or a pebble on a beach and if ever beings from another planet reach earth they may be bigger and stronger than us and may squash us underfoot as we would a spider. They then may eat us – because they can.

Eleanor Minihane, Shrewsbury

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