A few points on whether we should go to the polls again

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We must have a people’s vote, Remainers and their acolytes cry.

I thought all referendums were votes of the people, but apparently not if they result in a decision the political elite dislike.

As we all know, the proposed referendum will not be about whether to accept the terms of our leaving, as is claimed, but merely a connivance to try and get the majority to vote to stay in the EU.

As Mrs May keeps saying no to their Quisling proposal, as it would undermine the democratic decision made in June 2016, their demand is now being dressed up as being one in favour of more democracy.

I am not opposed to the idea of more democracy.

In fact I think they have a valid point.

But, before we kowtow to their diktats, let us first have a referendum to set out the ground rules.

This referendum would clearly decide how many referenda we are to have on the issue of leaving the EU, be it three, five, seven or until we capitulate and agree to enslave ourselves to be serfs within the EU empire.

Whilst we are voting in this ‘preparatory referendum’ perhaps we can also have a say as to whether future such plebiscites will be merely advisory or whether they will be binding, whether parliament or the people are actually the supreme authority in the country, and what punishment should be handed out to any parliamentarian that connives to ignore or overturn the decision of any future referendum.


Whilst we are at it, and in the interest of more democracy, let us have a written constitution so we can stop MPs gerrymandering it in any way that suits them. Give the people a greater say in how things are run in this country, make parliament more accountable to those that pay the bills: that the people must approve any proposed increase in parliamentarians’ remunerations; and that any new laws and/or taxes must be confirmed in a ‘people’s vote’ before they can come into force.

Additionally, let’s put the UK on a par with Switzerland by giving the people the right to demand binding referenda on any topic they choose. Then those Remainers who advocate more democracy can look forward to people’s votes on topic akin to “restoration of the death penalty”; “should we allow mass immigration”; and so on.

Only after the Remainers and their traitorous creed have agreed to more proper democracy should we even give any consideration to their demands for a vote on the terms of leaving the EU, the result of which they will undoubtedly ignore unless it gives them the answer that they want.

Edward Higginbottom, Shrewsbury

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