Sort out the car parking, don’t ban all the dogs!

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Llandrindod Town Council apparently welcomes the county council’s proposal to ban dog owners from many publicly-owned open spaces.

More alarmingly, Councillor Benjamin Williams wants to ban dog owners from most public spaces and create a dog ghetto – I know it’s coming up to pantomime season, but still a bit early to be auditioning for parts.

If the town council, particularly Mayor Williams and Councillor Benjamin Williams, followed its own logic, will all diners be banned from the like because irresponsible eaters drop litter? No.

Will all drivers be banned from local roads because one irresponsible driver fails a breath test or is caught using a mobile? No.

This is utter drivel from a council that appears to have little to discuss.

If they are that concerned about dog fouling, why don’t they themselves form a warden group, headed by Councillor Benjamin Williams, a bit like Dad’s Army, and patrol the areas they are concerned about – far more productive use of their time.

I’m surprised the mayor endorses such drivel when he could involve himself in far more important matters – like the horrendous parking in Beaufort Road, and the empty council park in the same road that no one uses.

If I remember correctly, Jon Williams in his election leaflet, prior to the county council elections, promised to sort out car parking and this “empty” car park.

Well Mr Mayor, we are still waiting.


Most dog owners are responsible.

M Williams, Llandrindod Wells

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