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Something that has me puzzled, did so many of those calling for another vote not actually vote in the 2016 referendum?

There may be many reasons why some people were not able to vote at the time and those calling for a second vote, whatever they like to call it, because they did not like the result would almost certainly be matched by the people who would vote leave who also missed to vote.

Also, the terms of the 2016 referendum were so simple and left no doubt, certainly to the leavers that voting to leave was the only option in order to regain control of this wonderful United Kingdom and save it from further deterioration at the hands of the EU.

If the 2016 vote was not clear enough, there is absolutely no chance that the conditions for a second vote, a people’s vote, as they like to call, it is going to be made easy with all the conditions and treaties and edicts that have been signed up to that will need to be digested.

The tragedy for the UK is the deviousness of those in Parliament who seek to divide the nation for their own ends. We can just hope that those MPs who seek to remain are in constituencies that voted to leave the failing EU and will therefore be unlikely to be re-elected to the Commons. We know from our history that there have always been those in this country who fail to show allegiance to the United Kingdom, we also know that they have never prevailed.

Everyone needs to remember, this country cannot afford to be a member of an organisation that affords us no benefits whatsoever.

We will be better off out, there is no doubt about that, and, “why oh why” are there so many people who would willingly abandon this beautiful UK, one of the finest countries in the world, to be largely under the control of an unelected bureaucratic dictatorship?

Peter Harman, Tibberton

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