If able-bodied people want a blue badge spot badly take my disability!

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Why is it able bodied people feel the need to use disabled parking bays?

I am a blue badge holder and regularly use one of the five designated disabled parking bays at Shrewsbury railway station, all of which are clearly signed with a large yellow symbol of a person in a wheelchair and hatched areas either side of the bay.

One day last week, I arrived at the station to find a ‘gentleman’ parked in a disabled bay without a blue badge who was clearly waiting to collect someone from the station.

It later transpired that he was waiting for his teenage son who had gone to buy a ticket. Having parked my vehicle I politely pointed out to him that he was parked in a disable bay to which I received a very aggressive and rude response before he drove away.

He clearly knew he was in a disabled bay so why park there when there were at least five empty spaces just a few feet away where you are allowed to wait for up to 20 minutes?

Sheer bloody mindedness or being bone idle?

If an able-bodied person wants to use a disabled parking bay that badly then they can have my disability!

Stewart Scull, Ellesmere

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