We must ensure the EU fails, they’ll respect us for it eventually

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It has come to my notice that my recent letter intended as a sarcastic side-swipe to Remoaners, suggesting that by Churchill rejecting Hitler, and Brexiteers rejecting control by EU bureaucrats, they did the UK a great injustice, missing out on a wonderful future under foreign control, could be misinterpreted.

So, before I am arrested for treason I wish to make it clear that nothing could be further from the truth. To sell this country short by embracing dictatorial control by a foreign power, whoever they may be, would spell disaster for this and future generations.

It seems the greatest fear of Remoaners is that there could well be short-term financial loss and inconvenience (could it be 30 pieces of silver the Remoaners desire perhaps?).

Surely some short-term pain is well worth the longer-term gain and is a small price to pay for a future where we will be masters of our own salvation governed by people of ours who are accountable to the electorate and can be kicked out of office if they make a mess of things.

The huge bureaucratic regime controlled by Germany and France cannot possibly act in the best interests of 27-to-28 vastly different countries and certainly not in the best interests of the UK.

No sir, Napoleon tried and failed, the Kaiser tried and failed, Adolf Hitler tried and failed, and we must ensure that the EU – using its back door methods – also fails.

They will respect us for it eventually.

D Emery, Marchamley

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