Parents should take responsibility for the health of their children

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We learn that energy drinks are to be banned for the under-16s/18s. I have mixed feelings about this.

In general, I don’t want Government acting like Nanny. At the same time I wonder about the long-term problems created by the young and indeed their parents flushing liquid or solid rubbish down their gaping maws.

It’s plain to me that waddling in and out of hospital is certainly not the way I would have wanted to have spent my years but, at the same time, I certainly wouldn’t want someone telling me what I can or can’t eat and drink. It has been said we should levy high levels of tax on stuff not deemed good for us.

I don’t like the idea too much basically as I do not want interference or to live in a high-tax society.

Nevertheless, the reality is we do tax certain products at sky-high rates and the precedent is set (e.g. alcohol, fags, petrol and diesel, etc). So I suppose extending that to food and drink would merely be adding to the list and would be done with, some might say, good intentions.

Should that be the case, I would expect the tax raised to somehow find its way back directly into the pockets of those most affected – i.e. the poor, by increasing tax-free levels of income.

We all know this would never happen and that the tax would go into the general pot.

I suppose I shall have to grin and bear yet more state interference into how I lead my life as, like it or not, it will happen anyway. But honestly, I just wish that parents would take the responsibility for this rather than Nanny, thereby cutting the legs off state do-gooders who think they know best.

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