We must act now to save our forests from developments

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The Forestry Commission in partnership with Forest Holidays, has been, and is currently selling off our nation’s forests to be redeveloped as holiday parks.

Wooden eco cabins are planned for Mortimer Forest

The company, Forest Holidays, has exclusive rights to apply, plan and develop any part of our forests, as it so wishes, with the blessing of the Forestry Commission. The Forestry Commission have a 14 per cent share in this company.

Detailed plans are now in the planning process with Hereford Council to build 68 luxury chalets in the Mortimer Forest, Ludlow next to High Vinnalls car park.

Strangely enough these development schemes have been kept very secret. These developments will be detrimental to the wellbeing and freedom of the general public who have a right to use and access the forests, wildlife will suffer, habitats will be destroyed, flora and fauna will disappear.

Be under no illusion as to the power the Forestry Commission and Forest Holidays have, over the years they will redevelop large swathes of the nation’s forests. The company, Forest Holidays, has been valued at £262 million.

The Forestry Commission has over one million hectares of forest which can, and will, be exploited by this consortium.

Unless we make our voices heard these schemes will get the green light.

Bruce McKendrick, Forest Holidays CEO said in 2017: “I believe that the group can continue growing its earnings at the current rate for the next decade and beyond, on the back of continued expansion. The Commission has one million hectares of forest in Great Britain so we have plenty to keep us going for many years to come.”

Forest Holidays was fourth on the list of British companies with fastest growing profits in 2017 (Sunday Times, April 8, 2018). Their sole business is building within the public forest estate.


Please act now. Sign our petition on

Contact your local councillors and Members of Parliament for support and help.

Mr C Carter, Ludlow


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