Referendum vote really has created a dis-United Kingdom

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There are those who are dissatisfied with the process to extricate ourselves from the failed European Union, even foolishly calling for a second referendum, obviously having caught the EU stance regarding democracy in that in the eyes of the EU democracy does not exist!

The decision to leave was taken after a democratic vote. I too am dissatisfied with the length of time it is taking but at least I am sure I know the reasons.

Trying to extricate ourselves from the EU has been made so difficult because of our inept politicians signing up to all these treaties, ostensibly without reading them in a rush to get onto the golf course or their private clubs. Sorry to be so brutal but MPs need to be accountable for the actions of each other. They should more so be accountable to the electorate who put them in office to represent our wishes.

The main reason it is taking so long, not just undoing all those treaties, but if the EU made it easy then more countries will rush to leave.

Italy is showing disapproval at some of the intricacies that exist, Spain too is not content and I am sure that Greece wish that they had not joined in the first place, but are too much in debt to the EU now to get out.

Another reason that too many of our MPs of all parties do not want Brexit is that they will have to do what they were elected to do, and that is to govern this country in its entirety, something that they have not had to do fully for decades, and it is questionable if many of them have the ability to do so? Sorry again to be brutal, I hope I will be proved wrong regarding our MPs' abilities to do what is needed when we are finally free of the expense and constraints of the EU.

You know, the really sad aspect of this whole EU charade is that in the words of Peter Rhodes, “The European Union has created a Dis-United Kingdom”.

Peter Harman, Tibberton


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