Elite try to make us feel guilty that we can feed and clothe ourselves

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I regularly tune into the media and read the papers yet it seems to me all we seem to be informed about of is wars/uprisings in different countries and how terrible the plights are.

Computers were promised to offer fewer work hours and more leisure time

I am not against the idea of contributing to help those less better off than myself yet I think that our political elite have chosen to ignore the problems of its own people with continual brainwashing, aimed at making us feel guilty because we have managed to feed and clothe ourselves and other members of our family.

Some people will attempt to claim that I am not acting in a very Christian or charitable way with these views, but we have very many families/individuals on zero hours or part-time incomes having to rely upon food banks to survive.

Luckily, my family have not suffered from such a situation. I have had different jobs during my working life, have never attempted to avoid paying whatever tax that I owe, which is why, now that I am retired, I feel the need to express my distaste with both the politicians and class system within this land.

I fear for the future of generations to come, those just starting their working lives and those still in full education wondering if they will be able to find employment, what with computerisation and the ever-growing technology relating to the increase of robots within our workplaces, depriving many of their human counterparts of employment.

In the beginning of this ‘new’ computerised system we were told that owing to their invulnerability we would all be working fewers hours and have more leisure time.

Yet here we are after cutbacks finding that workloads have increased, and we have fewer people in full-time work, more people suffering from stress and other medical conditions, from the condition of ‘trying to put a quart into a pint pot’ which seems to be the ever-growing position for those who are luckily (?) able to find work.

Mr Martin Eddies, Shrewsbury


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