Sickening to see Tragedy of the West unravelling

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In 1985 the historian John Roberts published the book The Triumph of the West.

A medical worker giving a child oxygen following a suspected chemical attack in Syria (Syrian Civil Defence White Helmets via AP)

It is unfortunate that he did not live long enough to publish its sequel The Tragedy of the West.

Again, we have the sickening sight of children, women, and men being subjected to a gas attack in Syria.

The West’s response – do nothing and concentrate on other global events.

To be fair, Mr Trump has resorted to the ultimate foreign policy sanction by taking to Twitter to make the usual demands.

Sorry Donald, it will not happen – the Middle East is no longer the West’s sphere of influence, and possibly never will be, thanks to a previous foreign policy of indecisiveness (not just from America, but also Britain, NATO, and the EU).

It’s Mr Putin’s and I suspect he could not possibly care less about Mr Trump’s twitter account.

Edmund Burke stated “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.

As Brexit, data harvesting, a (former) double agent, and picking a squabble with what can only be described as a formidable opponent now seem to have taken priority, events in Syria now appear to have taken on a secondary, tertiary, or quaternary importance. Sic transit gloria occidentali.

Mr D N Grant, Ludlow


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