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I realise that the press feels that it should offer two sides to every controversy. But quoting a religious creationist against evolution is not reporting a 'controversy' or providing 'balance'.

Charles Darwin statue outside Shrewsbury Library

Evolution is a fact, and the theory of evolution is the scientific explanation of a vast amount of biology, including how living things and fossils are distributed around the world, and the genetics, development, structures and physiology of all living things.

No other explanation fits all these many scientific discoveries, and evolutionary theory is essential to the research of hundreds of thousands of scientists working right now.

When you add in evidence from geology and astronomy, there is no doubt that this evolution took place over many hundreds of millions of years.

Creationists do not offer any scientific criticism of the theory of evolution at all, although they will offer you sciency-seeming sound-bites in the hope that you will think that that's what they are doing.

No religion has ever offered any real information about the discoveries of science. Consider, for example, that religion failed to point out one of the most elementary biological facts, that of how the sex of children is determined.

This was discovered by scientists around 1905. Look at Henry VIII and the formation of the Church of England to see a consequence of this failure.

A similar nonsensical imbalance occurs every time some politician or economist is quoted pontificating against the work of climate scientists, who have established that we are modifying the climate and warming the world with our carbon dioxide emissions.


On the one side the scientists are doing science, on the other side the self-proclaimed 'sceptics' are doing only politics.

Politics does not balance or change the conclusions of the science.

Richard Burnham



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