Shropshire Star comment: MPs have learnt nothing from Brexit vote, they cannot be trusted

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I see that the giant egos in Westminster are at it again, Philip Hammond, Chancellor and self-confessed Remainer, has predicted the final result of Brexit:

Philip Hammond

"We are taking two interconnected and aligned economies and selectively moving them, hopefully very moderately, apart!"

Mr Hammond is one of the many in Westminster, upstairs and downstairs, who have been 'Brussled' into believing that it is their job to interpret the wishes and decisions of the electorate - as do EU MPs - it is not!

It is his, and all MPs jobs to accept the majority vote and to give the electorate what they asked for.

Christopher Gill MP is one of the few in the Commons who recognised this when he wrote:

"They did not vote for re-negotiated terms, they voted for complete restoration of our national sovereignty government by laws in Westminster!

"The absolute right to control their own borders, the freedom to negotiate our own trading arrangements with countries of our choice.

"They voted for Britain's armed forces to be deployed solely on our orders and an administration of justice according to habeas corpus - the British justice system!"

One thing is clear - the majority of MPs have learned nothing from this historical referendum and can never be trusted again!


Bob Wydell



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