The EU and immigration are reasons for state of our nation

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The anonymous correspondent (Letters, December 23) seems to have completely misunderstood the reason for the state of the nation.

I personally believe that it is entirely the fault of being in the EU. We simply cannot afford to allow them to extract £50 million daily, largely from the UK taxpayer, much to the detriment of our own people.

As for the sale of council houses, this was not Mrs Thatcher’s generous gift to the tenants, rather a way to offload millions if not billions of pounds from central or regional authorities' coffers onto the tenants who bought them and who spent their own money on bringing the properties up to a standard which people now expect.

As for transport costs being so high, too much of our transport network is owned by Europe, also too much of our utilities are again owned by Europe. We have them to blame for the high costs.

On the subject of housing again, Mr Wydell admirably sums up the problem in his letter of the same day. Where are we to accommodate these millions entering the country, not only with housing but all the other things that need to be made available to them?

It is a fact that we do need some of this input of people but at least we should be able to determine for ourselves just who we allow in and how many.

Peter Harman, Tibberton


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